Today I’m going to brave this cold and go shopping for a wee bargain or two because who doesn’t love a bargain…If I do pick any good ones IL keep ya all in the loop..wish me luck πŸŽ„πŸ˜‰


My daughter who is 6 is adamant she wants the tree up today and is determined to decorate it also even though I am having a little meltdown inside because I like my tree to be presentable 😏 but the puppy eyes she giving me means it looks like it’s her job today …🀦🀦

Giving it a go πŸ˜„

Week 1 of blogging..When I joined WordPress I thought “ok I can do this” seems easy IV got ideas in my mind I’d love to share I have thoughts I’d love to share but the first few days my mind was boggled it still is a bit overthinking my blog..When I should really stop trying to keep up with all the great blogs IV been reading on WordPress and go with the flow in going to keep going as i think I might be getting the hang of it well I hope I am lol πŸ€—πŸ€—


That time of year again where the full world goes Christmas crazy from Trees,Lights,Tinsel, Decorations,Presents if you are looking for tree ideas have a wee look at what I have found for u all πŸŽ„

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